1. Meeces in Action at San Jose Cougar

    IMG_2012IMG_2051Tom T and Dan M up the grueling climb (photos by Steve Woo)


    DSC_6918Tom T up the painful run up 

    DSC_7016DSC_7013Elaine and Gritchelle keeping it together 

    DSC_7086Michelle speeding by! (Photos by Ted Ketai)  

  2. Michelle in the lead for Open Masters Women


    Photo by Ted Katai


  3. The Mice ain’t afraid of no Cat! Even if that cat is the San Jose Cougar!

    Superpro Racing out did themselves once again with the inaugural San Jose Cougar. It was a HOT day of racing with a long, grueling climb complete with a gnarly, mulch-y descent, lots of twist and turns and no shortage of bumpy ground. I think there were more racers bouncing around in the saddle than in the kids bounce house.

    There were a good number us who showed up to this awesomely painful event and kicked some ass. Kudos to all who suffered through and major congrats to all the Mice who podiumed! 


    35+ Master Women: Michelle Morrill (1st)

    45 + Master Men: Brian Ort (1st)


    55+ Master Men: Thom Fox (3rd)

    Women C: Mouse newbie, Lindsay Mohle (1st)  
    Men’s SS B: Scott Symon  (3rd)

    Glory to the Mouse!