1. Oh hey, check it out! TRM’s Chad Davidson was spotted in the new documentary, SEVEN, about the BC Bike Race!


    See the film: http://www.pinkbike.com/news/video-seven-the-bc-bike-race-movie-2014.html

  2. Another podium finish for the Shan Man at Rockhopper! GTTM!

  3. 1st place finish for David Kirkbride at the Pescadero Road Race! Killer work at one of the toughest races in the area. Congrats man!


  4. Another podium finish for Sarah Powers! Congrats for placing 2nd at the Tamarancho Short Track. It’s Sarah’s first season of MTB racing and the girl is killing it! GTTM!

  5. Another podium finish for the Mice!

    Matt Pope placed 3rd at Tamarancho yesterday! Way to go dude!


  6. Our ladies are non stop! Check out Kirsten on the podium at last night’s Summit Shorty!

  7. S. Powers Killing it on her first XC MTB race at CCCX!

    Photos via http://www.cccxcycling.com/2014xc5photosandresults.html

  8. Cat’s Hill


    Category: 35+3/4

    Teammates: Nathan Codding, Brian Ort

    I was really nervous about this race. I have had a big fat circle around it on my calendar all spring. When the day finally arrived I was stressed about living up to the expectations I set for myself. It turned out awesome.
    The main feature of the race is a very steep 1-block stretch of road, followed by a long fast descent back to the finish line. Our group did 15 laps. Every time up the hill I practiced spinning up the first 3/4, then accelerating over the top. I sprinted for 2 primes just to test the sprint and see how fast I could take the final corner, and otherwise stayed near the front but out of the wind all race.

    On the last lap we hit the hill. I punched it over the top and got a big gap. I wasn’t expecting that, but stayed on the gas all the way down the descent. I came around the last corner 100m or so ahead of the field, with enough of a gap that I could sit up and coast across the line with my arms in the air.

    I don’t win many races so the win yesterday felt really great. On top of that, this year feels like a bit of redemption for me. I have been riding bikes since 1988 and I have literally had 1 good year on the bike every 5 until now. I joined TRM in 2008; 2009 was a good year for me, but 2010-11-12 were very hard at work and I didn’t ride or race much. Last year was much better and this year has been a big step up from that. It is very gratifying.

    I have enough top 10 finishes to upgrade and I am pretty close on points, I know that once I do I won’t see the front end of many races for a long time so I really wanted to win a crit first. I pulled it off; now it’s time to go get shelled by Larry Nolan and Chris Phipps in 1-2-3 races. 


  9. Brian Ort on the podium at the Berkeley Hills Road Race!


    Yeeeeeah Brian!  

  10. Mice were all over the podium this wknd in both dirt & road!

    In addition to Jay’s win at Cat’s Hill, team Chocolate Cake aka Dane Grant, Michelle Morill & Isaias Job, took 3rd at Boggs! 

    Big shout out to all our riders who raced this weekend, way to go everyone.