1. Farewell Allie

    We will be saying goodbye to our sweet Allie on Tuesday. We welcome all those who would like to bid her farewell and share memories.

    Tuesday, September 10th, 5PM. Allie Rotondo memorial service in Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland CA. The Grove where the memorial will be held is located within the upper part of the park off of Skyline BLVD near the Big Trees trail. To get to the Grove, drive up Joaquin Miller Road till you hit Skyline BLVD. Turn left at the light onto Skyline and continue for about a mile (google map:http://goo.gl/maps/WDsqJ). Big Trees trail is located on the left side. Park along Skyline. Follow the signs towards the left side of Big Trees trail down to the grove.

    After the memorial, please join us for a potluck. Bring a dish and drink to share with friends. 3370 Brunell Drive, Oakland CA 94602, located just a few miles from the memorial site.