1. Matt Peterson sunrise ride - March 9

    Saturday, March 9 will be the fifth anniversary of the passing of Matt Peterson and Kristy Gough. San Bruno mountain was one of Matt’s favorite climbs - he would do repeats there in the morning before work. This year, as in years past, we’ll commemorate them with a ride up the mountain, arriving just before sunrise, which is at 6:29am.

    Route: http://goo.gl/maps/KMJ7f


    • 5:15am Panhandle @ Oak & Baker
    • 5:35am Glen Park BART (Arlington & Bosworth)
    • 5:50am Cow Palace (Geneva & Carter)
    • 6:05am Radio Rd. gate (Guadalupe Canyon Pkwy saddle)
    • 6:20am Top of Radio Rd.

    The ride is open to everybody. Jump in at any point along the route. The ride to the mountain will be mellow and the climb taken at your own pace, with a regroup at the Radio Rd. gate. Bring lights.