1. Man, this is just like cyclocross!

    Nor-Cal got some rain this past Saturday, which meant wet and muddy conditions for the first Sacramento CX race in Vacaville! Kurt’s muddy legs here got him 2nd place! GTTM!

  2. Photo by Keith DeFiebre
This weekend’s CCCX 2 saw a Mouse on the Podium! Way to go Julie!!!

    Photo by Keith DeFiebre

    This weekend’s CCCX 2 saw a Mouse on the Podium! Way to go Julie!!!

  3. Photo by Tim Westmore
Julie Bates at CCCX

    Photo by Tim Westmore

    Julie Bates at CCCX

  4. Of Mice & Men

    While the big kids were out racing CCCX 1 & 2 (more on that soon!) a few of us decided to “dress” up and race our bikes in an undisclosed location. The weather was perfect, the course was hellish and the race was a blast!

    The Mice Ladies Manning It Up For DFL Lady Mice Man Up

    Femmy Mice Mice Men Show Off Their Feminine Side

  5. Please Help Katy & Tim

    Help bring Allie home to Hawaii.

    On Monday, September 2, 2013, Katy and Tim unexpectedly lost their beloved Allie, who had just turned 14 years old.  While we will never understand why a tragic event like this could happen to a young lady full of spirit and spunk, we will have her memories that each one of us will carry through time.

    No parent expects to lose their child at such a young age, which means the financial burden can be quite extensive. Therefore, in lieu of flowers, please help to defray the cost of bringing Allie back to Hawaii by contributing here.  Any and every amount helps!


  6. Farewell Allie

    We will be saying goodbye to our sweet Allie on Tuesday. We welcome all those who would like to bid her farewell and share memories.

    Tuesday, September 10th, 5PM. Allie Rotondo memorial service in Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland CA. The Grove where the memorial will be held is located within the upper part of the park off of Skyline BLVD near the Big Trees trail. To get to the Grove, drive up Joaquin Miller Road till you hit Skyline BLVD. Turn left at the light onto Skyline and continue for about a mile (google map:http://goo.gl/maps/WDsqJ). Big Trees trail is located on the left side. Park along Skyline. Follow the signs towards the left side of Big Trees trail down to the grove.

    After the memorial, please join us for a potluck. Bring a dish and drink to share with friends. 3370 Brunell Drive, Oakland CA 94602, located just a few miles from the memorial site.

  7. A trunk full of Anthony G’s donated bike goods and a super stoked rep from the NorCal High Mountain Bike League.

    A trunk full of Anthony G’s donated bike goods and a super stoked rep from the NorCal High Mountain Bike League.

  8. Anthony G Donates Bike Goods to the NorCal High MTB League

    How cool is this team? Team-member Anthony Giammona noticed he had a lot of bike parts he no longer needed but still had life in them. Rather than pawning off the parts on Ebay or Craigslist, Anthony thought the NorCal High Mountain Bike League could make better use of them. Anthony collected additional parts from fellow teammates and was able to donate 14 shopping bags of bike goods, several wheels and even a whole bike! Way to go Anthony. Our team members rock on and off the bike.

  9. Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge track racing in Portland OR

    I have been racing on the track at Hellyer Velodrome since 2008. Since I started racing I have had a few race goals. I managed to knock two of them off my list this weekend. 

    The first goal was to race at Portland’s Alpenrose Velodrome. Whereas Hellyer is a big, open track with smooth corners and fast lines, Alpenrose is short, steep, bumpy and idiosyncratic. The banking is so steep it took me an hour of practice before I stopped worrying about falling off, but I got used to it quickly once racing started and came to love it by the end of the weekend.

    I achieved my second goal during the Masters 40+ Points race. The race was 60 laps of the 1/6 mile track and every 10 laps officials rang a bell for a sprint. The top 4 people across the line on the sprint lap won points, and at the end of the race the person with the most points was the winner.

    I started cautiously since this was my first race, but pretty quickly warmed up to the track and the competition. With 20 laps to go a couple guys rode away from the main field. I didn’t attack hard, but accelerated a little. I looked back and to my surprise no one had followed me and I had a 25m gap. I decided to go for it and hit the gas hard.

    The next time I looked around I had a half-lap on the rest of the field, and pretty quickly after that I had 3/4 of a lap, but then things got HARD. The pack started to speed up a bit and I spent several laps with the back of the group in sight, but unable to close the final gap. 

    I ran through some mental arithmetic- 16 laps to got meant a little under 8 minutes of racing. Could I hold on that long? I had to try! I had put too much work into the race to get caught.

    Luckily for me the group slowed down again and I was able to catch up. I had now lapped the field, which meant I gained 20 points and jumped immediately into the race lead! This was my second goal- I have tried to take a lap on the field SO many times, but I had always been caught before.

    I still wasn’t sure how much of a lead I had and with double points on the line for the final sprint I knew I had to make the top 4 across the line. A friend was in the race with me, so I asked him for help.  He agreed to give me a leadout and I came across the line in 4th place- good enough to seal the win!

    For the effort I won $60 and a great feeling that lasted all weekend. The extra plus was hearing the announcer talk all weekend about the out-of-town guy who showed up and caught the locals by surprise. Great weekend and great fun bike racing!

    Glory to the Mouse!

    Holy sh*t! My first ever race at Alpenrose and I took a lap and won the Master's Points Race. #bikeracingrocks

  10. Sole survivor

    Sole survivor