Team Roaring Mouse

Oct 15

It was another hot weekend of cx racing for the Mice with top 10’s all around! Kudos to ALL the Mice who battled the heat this weekend and special thanks to Cisco’s parents for cheering us on at CCCX & at the Lion of Fairfax!

It’s a TRM Heat Wave! We’re stoked on these rad Heat Wave Visual glasses! —

OMD shredding Sutro for the Mouse shop’s new website launching this winter! Looking rad Dane!

The Vallejo Cougar was a scorcher! Congrats to Rebecca for her 3rd place finish at one of the hottest CX races of the season.

Jul 21

A track/cyclocross racer’s first mountain bike race. A race report by C. Rippey.

Race: CCCX XC July 19th

I did my first MTB race today. I really wanted to race this week but there were no interesting road races this weekend and I had the flu and couldn’t make Hellyer WNR, so I decided to take my CX bike and hit the Fort Ord CCCX XC race. I am not going to go into course details or strategies or anything thing like that. I am just going to state the facts.

Fact! Met Emily, Emily’s parental unit Greg, and Rebecca. They were totally awesome. Saw D. Murray, fool is still a player.

Fact! I smashed butt out of the gate and holeshotted like a dude on a cx bike in a sea of MTBs should.

Fact! I rode solo for a good while.

Fact! Never did my feet touch the ground in the deep sandy parts.

Fact! My feet touched the ground hella times in many downhill corners.

Fact! Two dudes caught up to me, turned on the gas in the downhills and dropped my ass real quick.

Fact! I got assed and mentally couldn’t push my self in the last lap. This pony only runs for an hour!

Fact! Another dude caught me and made the last quarter lap super fun! But he snuck inside on a final corner causing me to slam on the brakes. 

Fact! I still almost got him at the finish line but lost by three inches.

Fact! On the last lap, I cornered tighter with an elbow out ;)

All in all I had a hell of a good time!


Jul 19

Great day for the Mice at CCCX XC today!


Chris Rippey takes 2nd place!


Our newest members to the team CRUSHED it today!


Jun 30

Oh hey, check it out! TRM’s Chad Davidson was spotted in the new documentary, SEVEN, about the BC Bike Race!


See the film:

Jun 11

Another podium finish for the Shan Man at Rockhopper! GTTM!

1st place finish for David Kirkbride at the Pescadero Road Race! Killer work at one of the toughest races in the area. Congrats man!


Jun 02

Another podium finish for Sarah Powers! Congrats for placing 2nd at the Tamarancho Short Track. It’s Sarah’s first season of MTB racing and the girl is killing it! GTTM!